Costing a Permanent Istallation of Light

Time that is not Billable

There are some things that I don’t consider billable.

  • Having initial meetings and discussions is productive, but nothing is billable until we reach agreement that I should be doing some work. If the discussions turn out to be unusually long, I might ask about billing for some of the initial time retroactively.
  • Going out to lunch is not billable, not even if we happen to talk about business.
  • Billing itself, the process of billing, is not billable. As for keeping track of time spent, I do that incrementally as I work, so that it’s not an interruption. In fact, it helps keep me focused, and so is productive.
  • Thinking in the shower (or wherever) is often very productive, but it’s hard to quantify, and hence not billable.
  • Finally, there is the grey area of activities that are not productive, yet involve me spending my time on your behalf, activities such as commuting, travelling, and being left idle while on site. I do not bill for these activities without asking first.


Notes on Billing for Time
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